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Front end developer

About me

Who I am

Hello, my name is Yiotis Kaltsikis. I am a JavaScript developer working for Comatch GmbH, in Berlin, Germany. Since the age of 13, I have delved into numerous programming languages. My interest in designing and developing engaging user interfaces is what drove me to specialise in Frontend Development.

What I do

I offer frontend solutions, making using of cutting edge technologies. I like mobile-first responsive design, progressive enhancement and single page applications. I find the process of shaping an online identity through engaging user interaction fascinating. Since an image is worth a thousand words, scroll down to my portfolio for a few thousands words worth of images.

Neat facts

  • Coding: Apart from HTML, CSS and JS at times I've worked with Node.JS, C/C++, C#, Java (samples on GitHub) and native Android.
  • Education: My Bachelors grade is 8.46/10. My final paper was on The Dying Animal by Philip Roth.
  • Hobbies: I play the guitar, love the blues. I'm a casual gamer, huge RPG fan. I also love literature and philosophy, my favourite author is Philip Roth.
  • Languages: I speak and write Greek, English and German!

My tools


HTML is the foundation of a good website. I make use of HTML semantics to improve screen-reader accessibility and SEO. I always make sure my markup is W3C validated.


I use SASS for my CSS. I aim for well-organized non-repetitive stylesheets. I use Bootstrap, as the starting point for my designs and take it from there with custom modifications.


JS is a language of many quirks, my knowledge in lower-level languages has helped me comprehend its mechanics. I employ ReactJS and Redux, with a functional approach, to deliver demanding frontend solutions.


Filterizr plugin


A jQuery plugin for filtering, sorting,shuffling and searching responsive galleries with custom CSS effects.

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Photocraft theme


Photocraft is an elegant, free Bootstrap photography-portfolio theme. Licensed under MIT.

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XtremeTravels website

Xtreme Travels

A single-pager developed for a fictitious travel agency specializing in organizing trips to wild destinations.

Akustix website


A free Bootstrap theme for guitar manufacturers and retailers. Licensed under MIT.

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